Company profile

The company started in 1973 in a garage box and has grown out to a business with a floor area of 4000m2.

Our several years of experience and specialization guarantee quality and exclusivity.

For every category driver we have a certain quality, from the average till the rally driver. For all American cars we have at least five different friction materials in stock. The differences between these are the compound and production process. We deliver based on “organic” till “the high and heavy duty graphite metallic carbon fiber” brake pads, “flash mold” or ” positive mold”. Our team of capable employees can inform you about this.

Not only for passenger cars, but also for minivans en medium trucks, police cars, ambulances, taxicabs and pick-up trucks are special “low-resin” and “extreme duty” qualities in stock.

We order our friction materials directly from various manufacturers in the United States and Canada, this is why we can reach such a wide range of products. Our sales area isn’t limited to only Europe, but we also export to other countries all over the world. We try to reach an as good as possible price/quality proportion and a very wide stock of all friction parts.

Jan Willem Hageman , Founder