How can I order?

You can place an order by filling in the order form at this website. Or you can place an order by e-mail or phone.

Are you sending off parts?

All parts can be dispatched by DHL (C.O.D.).

How much will there be charged for delivery?

Depending on the weight the cost of forwarding will be calculated.

Is it possible to pick up goods?

All parts can be picked up at the store in Doorn, Sterkenburgerlaan 65a, 3941 BC.

Can I also pick up goods at the Warehouse?

It is not possible to pick up goods at the Warehouse, only at the store in Doorn.

Till what time can I order parts for delivery?

Parts can be ordered until 16.00h. These parts are being sent by DHL on the same day and will be delivered at the customer the next day (except Saturday). Parts ordered before 16.00h can also be picked up in Doorn the same day.

Parts ordered after 16.00h will be sended with DHL the next day and will be delivered the day after (except Saturday). Parts ordered after 15.00h can also be picked up in Doorn the next day after 08.30h.

Can I have my goods delivered on Saturday?

Parts ordered on Friday before 15.00h will be delivered by DHL on Monday. Orders made on Saturday will be sent by DHL on Monday and delivered the day after.


Can I arrange a time of delivery with DHL?

DHL doesn’t give delivery times. They arrive between 08.30 and 17.30h. But is is possible for a package as ‘Expresser’ to be delivered the next day before 11.00h (except Saturday).


How can i pay?

  1. Cash payment
  2. Pin payment
  3. back transfer

ING bank NL 05 INGB 0006 9606 50

Upon rceipt of the amount, We will send the goods off immediately


How can I reach DHL?

If with the order an e-mail adress is registered you automatically will receive a message with all the information about the package. DHL can be reached by phone at 0031 800 0552 and at http://www.dhl.nl.